5 Steps to Eliminating Plantar Warts

I remember when our 8 year old daughter developed a plantar wart on her foot. Her foot became tender and sore when she walked. The pain and discomfort increased until she began to limp. I inspected her foot and noticed a circular flat spot  with a depressed area in the middle. These are the telltale signs of […]

Urinary Tract Infections

  Urinary tract infection or UTI: a burning feeling when you urinate, increase in frequency of urination, pain or pressure in your back or belly.   The urine that does come out may be cloudy, dark, bloody or smell strange. You may feel tired and lack energy. Ugh. Urinary tract infections… The accepted regimen from doctors […]

Self-Healing the Gallbladder

    I’ve seen it many times.  A person experiences burping, gas or pain after eating fried, fatty foods or dairy. Some people feel bloated while others feel a pain below the rib cage. Sometimes the symptoms are mistaken for a heart attack. Correct identification is important and is best left to medical professionals, but […]

Late Summer – Healing the Stomach and Pancreas Meridians

    Late summer is the time to heal and strengthen the stomach and pancreas according to the Traditional Chinese way of thinking.  Spiritually, it is when we are beginning to harvest the fruits of our labors; to digest and understand the changes and learnings we have brought to fruition during the year, that we […]

Healing Allergies

Pollen allergies are a source of discomfort and misery for millions of people: watery, bloodshot eyes; runny nose, sinusitis, sore throat and exhaustion. My husband suffered severe allergies until he was an adult. Today, diet changes, herbs and essential oils minimize the effects of seasonal pollens. I am often asked what I think of allergy […]

Summer Healing: The Heart and Small Intestine

  Ah, Summer. Dayflowers, Echinacea, Prairie roses, Queen Ann’s Lace and butterfly weeds are our current visitors, beautifying the glade, pond and the rocky road to our home. The heat becomes unbearable for my husband and I during this time. As Alaska transplants, our roots are accustomed to a long season of cold without the […]

Spring Cleansing: The Liver & Gall Bladder

  I love Spring.  Here in Missouri, it is my favorite season.  While walking our land, new shades of yellow or green growth appear each day.  So far, bursts of color dot the landscape as Sweet William, Indian Paintbrush, and Wild Geranium offer their cheer; all while Red Bud and Dogwood add a mysterious beauty […]


Forgiveness is a powerful spiritual tool for evolving our Self; it is also one of the most misunderstood of the virtues. Remember that Spiritual Life is a life of learning and growth. We are all here to learn. We are all here to grow. In the course of growing ourselves up — no matter our […]

Healing Toothpaste

  Parents of a five year old approached me and asked if there was anything that could be done for their daughter.  When the child opened her mouth, she had teeth that were stub-like and black and rotted-looking. A dentist had suggested that all her teeth be pulled and spacers be put into place, and […]

How to Thrive Naturally During Flu & Cold Season

The decision to vaccinate can be stressful. Many families who seek to be healthy struggle with the idea of going against the CDC suggestions that everyone should be vaccinated. Public schools have intimidated parents into vaccinating their children. The big box pharmacies urge you to take advantage of their convenient service while you shop. The […]

New Year Resolutions and Permanent Change

New Years has come and gone. It is a tradition to think about our lives at the dawn of  a New Year and dream for a moment of what we “should” or “would” like to change in our lives during the year. Many people boldly set their minds to make a big change, while others […]

The Power of Choice – Part 1

Stay in school, do your homework, earn good grades and sometime in the future, you’ll reap the benefits. Of course, this is true and some deeper part of me knew it,  yet I still found myself putting other things ahead of school work … fun things like hiking down the railroad tracks to Deadman’s swamp […]

Freedom or Free Range

The Universal Laws work. I have experienced this truth many times in my life, but each time these gifts unfold, they are such a joy to experience. I had recently written about my desire to remove the ceilings in my life. As it always happens, a desire creates opportunity for learning:  you might even say […]

Change of Season Soup

We’ve finished the bones of our website. Hurray! In celebration, I gave myself time to settle into my fall routine of healing and teaching classes to home-schooled teenagers. As I teach classes and set goals for students, I take inventory of myself as well. I am very patient with students and the learning cycle. I […]