5 Steps to Eliminating Plantar Warts

July 2, 2018

I remember when our 8 year old daughter developed a plantar wart on her foot. Her foot became tender and sore when she walked. The pain and discomfort increased until she began to limp. I inspected her foot and noticed a circular flat spot  with a depressed area in the middle. These are the telltale signs of a plantar wart. I later learned that plantar warts may also look crusty with a black spot in the middle, and some may appear yellow.

These pesky pains are common on the bottom of the feet and are caused by HPV,  the human papillomavirus.

HPV loves warm, moist places like locker rooms or areas around swimming pools. The virus is transmitted by direct contact and may be picked up more readily if you have an opening or crack in your skin. Left untreated, they can multiply and spread until it becomes painful to walk at all. You also risk sharing the unwanted plantar warts with family and fellow locker-room or gym members.

Here’s how you can rid yourself of Plantar Warts.

Doctors offer to freeze your Plantar Warts off.  This is effective, but can take multiple freezing sessions for success, which is expensive.  It takes time out of your busy work or school schedule.  Fortunately, essential oils are an effective treatment for Plantar Warts. Here is how we did it:

1. Wash the affected foot. A good soak in very warm water containing 2 drops of lemon and tea tree is beneficial. Tea tree and lemon are highly effective against HPV and foot fungus, which are often found together on locker room feet. Use this treatment one or twice weekly while you are healing your foot.

2. Use a pumice stone or duct tape: rub the pumice stone over the wart. Warts create a callous that can insulate itself from the effects of most treatments. By rubbing off the callous each day, the oils can soak in deeply to the affected area and eliminate the virus.  It may take a few days of working up to it so that it does not hurt or make your foot more sore to walk upon. You are in control and can take this part as fast or as slow as you choose.

3. After you have used the pumice stone, place a few drops of the Plantar Wart Blend on the wart and surrounding tissue. Cover it with a bandage or duct tape (see below). Repeat this process morning and night.

Plantar Wart Blend:

20 drops Tea Tree

20 drops Lavender

1 teaspoon Carrier oil your choice

In 1-10 days, you will notice that it is a bit tender, and you will reach beyond the callous to the actual wart and it will fall out, often when the bandage or duct tape is removed for cleaning! It will leave a hole that might be a bit tender. A drop or two of lavender oil is calming and helps relieve this discomfort. Lavender may be applied neat (without carrier oil) for this purpose.

ALTERNATIVE TO PUMICE STONE: a couple of friends were concerned about the discomfort of using a pumice stone. Instead, they stuck a piece of duct tape over the wart putting the Plant Wart Blend on each morning and evening.  Their warts came off with the duct tape. This method also works quite effectively, however, it can take longer for this to occur.

Whether you use a pumice stone or duct tape, it is most important that you choose the method that you can commit to following through with. Consistency is key to eliminating Plantar Warts!

4. Once the wart falls out, it’s important to continue the application of tea tree and lavender oil into the hole and surrounding tissue, to ensure that the virus has been completely eliminated! Continue to cover with a band-aid and apply the essential oils until the skin has regenerated and healed completely.

5. Healing the skin after having a plantar wart: Once the wart has fallen out, you may choose to add Marigold or Sea Buckthorn and Geranium to the tea tree and lavender mixture. It will help the tissue regenerate more quickly. Do continue to use the tea tree and lavender or the amended oils with marigold and geranium twice daily until the area is healed.  Marigold or Sea Buckthorn is helpful to healing skin tissue, and geranium also supports the regeneration of healthy tissue and lessens nerve pain and discomfort.

Tea Tree 10 drops

Lavender 10 drops

Marigold 10 drops

Geranium 6 drops

1 teaspoon carrier oil of your choice.

Apply to the foot daily until the hole is gone and your foot looks healthy again.

PREVENTION: How can you protect yourself from plantar warts? The simplest prevention is to avoid contact with shared, moist spaces where plantar warts and athlete’s feet are transmitted. When walking around pools or locker rooms, wear a pair of flip-flops or other foot covering to protect your feet.

Written by Char Milliman on July 2, 2018.

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