New Year Resolutions and Permanent Change

January 23, 2016


New Years has come and gone.


Wheat seeds

It is a tradition to think about our lives at the dawn of  a New Year and dream for a moment of what we “should” or “would” like to change in our lives during the year. Many people boldly set their minds to make a big change, while others merely “wish” something would be different.

There is a deeper urge involved in making a goal in winter. Our old brain, made up of the medulla, pons and brain stem are where our fight, flight or freeze response; feeding, reproduction, breathing and circulation responses are all automated by the brain. Years ago during a healing session with a client, I came to know a more spiritual aspect of this part of the mind that is quite remarkable.

I perceived a deeper place in the old brain that was activated when individuals made commitments to spiritual learning and to know their true Self.    It is always there, it is always available to us, but when we make a choice to know our true Self, these energies are activated.   This spiral is what connects people to the power of nature, its cycles of changes and growth. It is why some people have super instincts about what is going to happen, changes in weather, stealth habits when in nature, etc. It is what Native Americans call connecting to the Great Spirit. In the east it is called Tao or The Way; and is called Mother Nature by pagans, and so on. How many times have we felt the pull towards a simpler lifestyle, living more in the flow of nature and her seasons instead of trying to dominate nature as we tend to do in large cities? Why do people flock to national parks or getaways bp-wheat-strongmanin nature as a retreat or vacation? Because that inner spiritual urge is there — waiting for us to listen to it and put ourselves in its rhythm and flow.

New Years arrives days after the peak of winter. In the cycle of seasons, we initiate new projects in spring, activate new energies and new learning. In the summer we grow them in our thoughts and actions much as we would care for and nurture plants into bearing fruit. In the Fall we harvest our food and in our mind, we harvest the knowledge we gained from our experiences: and as we come into the still darkness of winter, we may listen to the deepest part of our spirit, know our greatest desire so that we may plant new seeds. We make a commitment to this desire at Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year, and hold it sacred in ourselves so that we may bring it to light in the coming year.

New Years is the elusive shell of a learning that is deep and ancient.   It is tied to the spiritual blueprint of who we are and what we want to unfold in ourselves and share with the world. It is not only for a special few. It is there within all of us if we choose to listen.bp-wheat-summer-banner

Change is happening all the time. We are constantly bombarded with changes in choices of food, clothing, lifestyle and relationships. These may appear random as we make them, until we place ourselves in the spiral of nature’s rhythm. Then they become opportunities for changes that are given to us to fulfill our greatest desire. Instead of being stressful, they are fluid and dynamic; and they build power in our lives as we sustain and support our commitment to changes that add to our spirit over time.

There is still time to listen and know what change is yours to make. Choose to know your Self.   Listen to the change that your spirit desires.  It will connect you to your true power; and it is a path to making permanent changes that affects you in this world and beyond.




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Written by Char Milliman on January 23, 2016.

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