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DNA & Genetics

dna tree sprouting leaves

I remember learning in high school and college that human DNA could not be changed. I was confused when I learned that some scientists believe that nature determines who we are; while others believe that nurture – family, community and culture are the greater influence on who we become and what choices we make in life. I also remember my fascination with Einstein as a teenager. One of my favorite quotes came from reading his work (though later I read variations attributed to others in history).

“The only constant in the universe is change.”

The more I began to listen to my body and work as a healer of energies, the more I came to know that our bodies are much more fluid than I had previously been taught or imagined. In fact, it is what we think that causes a body to be rigid, inflexible, and locked down in pain. Have you ever met someone who seems graceful and at ease with themselves? They flow with life’s curveballs and changes. They are generally happy people and they have an attitude and lifestyle of goodness and virtue. They are very fluid and the body responds readily to the intelligent direction of their mind.

The more one practices and chooses learning and growth as a way of being over time, the more responsive the body becomes to our intelligent direction.

It is when we are rigid in our thoughts, where we decide we do not want to change anymore; it is when we allow our fears, insecurities, anger, depression, and physical ills to prevail in our choices of attitudes and lifestyle, that we become locked into the physical DNA our bodies were born with.

I have long believed we can transform our DNA. I have not been completely successful with my own yet, but I have seen people change their lives dramatically and override their physical DNA blueprint, myself included.

We all have a conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind. At birth our superconscious and subconscious mind structures already exist. However, it is the experiences of our inner spirit (from the superconscious mind) and the experiences we have in our physical bodies after birth that create our conscious mind structure; and it is the choices we make from these experiences that activate or deactivate certain genetic codes.

Let’s say a body carries the genetic coding for Type II Diabetes. They are born into a family where one or more family members feel powerless. The family tends to eat lots of carbohydrates and some of these family members may have Type II Diabetes themselves. It is the way one identifies themselves, either as a spiritual being, which is as one who is here to learn and choose to express their inner divinity; or being identified with parents, family, diet, social and cultural structures that determines whether or not we activate the genetic coding for Type II Diabetes.

I’ve had several people react to this idea. “You mean it’s all my fault?” They ask.

My answer is no. I don’t believe most people consciously choose to cause themselves pain and discomfort. However, I believe that we are here in this physical plane to learn. I have had very personal experiences where life comes easy for me, it is because I have already built understandings. Life glides along, my choices are quick to come, and my intuition is accurate.

I also know myself enough to know that when occurrences are challenging for me, it is because I have yet to build something in myself; or something I created in my conscious mind – the part of me that is only aware of myself in this physical body – has accepted some untrue thought or fear which is blocking my understandings from coming forward. Instead of fighting or reacting to this blockage, I reach for the learning and embrace my spiritual growth.

It is when we are blocked or unable to express our true understandings that we are tied to compulsive learning and pain. These are not punishments, but opportunities for us to embrace more of our spiritual nature and add more understandings to our true Selves: for all that we learn here becomes part of our eternal Self. In embracing this process, we are able to override our physical genetics and I believe it will cause our spiritual genetics to prevail over our mind, emotions and physical body.

How does a child know that fire is hot? Some children listen to their parents and avoid putting their hands in the flame. Other children run straight to the fire and test out the truth by sticking their hand in the fire. It is their choice to listen, honor and obey their parents or have the physical experience and feel the pain of the experience.

As parents, it is our job to do our very best to instruct, guide and love our children into choosing well; but children do make choices very early on in their development.

This does not negate the fact that parents have a profound influence in childrens’ lives. As parents, we are the model for our children of the inner Mother and Father inside each one of us.

It is our parent’s words and actions that teach us right from wrong. How we react or respond to these choices from birth - and whether or not we choose to override our spiritual understandings -- we either strengthen the physical genetic coding or free ourselves from it.

This freedom is the responsible use of our free will.

Pain is nothing more than a barometer for us to know that something we are thinking and doing in our lives is not working for us. It may be that it never did, it just took a lot of pain for us to realize it. Other times, we stay stagnant in a particular belief or way of thinking that no longer serves us; and when that happens, pain comes along to stimulate growth. The longer we ignore or deny the pain, the more painful the energy becomes from the prolonged blockage.

If pain is here to stimulate us to change and grow then fear, denial, anger, bargaining, depression -- all the ways that we avoid dealing with change -- become our magnifying glass so we can identify our discomfort and begin to seek change in ourselves and move forward in happiness and health.

We can make learning through fear and resistance obsolete in our lives by always choosing constructive change and spiritual growth.

Once we understand the purpose for pain, we can also see how so much of western medicine is unproductive. When they cover a symptom with pain medication, it eliminates pain and can give a false sense of well being. Then over time, it becomes worse and there are larger health issues to deal with. I am not saying that all pain medication is bad, but it is sorely overused and misused by the health care industry. Medication is also misused by individuals who misunderstand or are choosing to avoid change.

When we become more aware of the energy in our bodies and feel an energetic block, it is easier to make changes before they become physical pain in our lives. It is eliminating the animalistic part of our being and raising our own vibration to one of creator.

As we choose productive change and growth, we release the primitive programming of survival from the animalistic part of our brains. We are able to live more in our true rhythm and flow.

When I put my mind on these Truths, I feel such an awe and respect for this creation and everything in it. This is living Napasha, and it brings much fun and joy to life.

So how can you begin your own journey into truth and healing?

Change your diet to change your thoughts:

When working with people, I have observed that some foods, particularly processed carbohydrates, caffeine, many pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana, cocaine, etc. cause looping in the brain. Thoughts become very repetitive in the cycle of eating sugar or taking a drug, feeling good, then crashing and becoming negative until there is more sugar or another dose of drugs. It limits the ability to reason and affects good judgment. It limits the use of the mind.

Meditation: Spend a few minutes each day observing your thoughts. What do you spend your time thinking about? Are your thoughts building something productive or are they fear based? Breathe Holy Breath and surrender these fears to your high Self. Then choose thoughts that build the wonderful pictures of who you really are and want to be.

Listen to your heart first and your mind and body second. This will guide you through your personal steps to health.