Dis-ease Lifestyle Thoughts

Candida Albicans (Yeast)

cut lemon What are the symptoms of Candida Albicans?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep with an uncomfortable sensation in your intestines? Do you ever feel bloated or gassy after you eat? Do your intestines feel better for a short while if you give into carb craving? Do you feel tired after you eat? Do you have a white coating on your tongue? Do you have issues with constipation or diarrhea or both?

I did.

Other people have told me of joint pain, lethargy, and cloudy thinking. Others experience itchy skin and mysterious rashes. Infants born to mothers who have vaginal yeast may have a coating on their tongue and/or cradle cap.

Setting our Mind To Healing

1. Our true identity is Health: I frequently hear people describe themselves saying, “I’m a diabetic, I’m bipolar, I’ve got lyme’s disease.” One of the most destructive thoughts that western medicine has introduced via television ads is that medicine “manages disease.”

“Manage your disease…” they believe there is no possibility for healing, so their course of action is to accept it as part of your identity. It also means you will be on their medication for the rest of your life.

Thankfully, I don’t believe that.

I was not candida. That is the first and major step in healing. Always refer to it as something you are releasing from yourself. Hold very firmly in your mind that your spirit is strong and commit to allowing your spirit to be the intelligent direction of your life.

2. Don’t fight dis-ease: For almost 3 years I struggled with candida. I fought it, resisted it. Candida became my enemy and I fought it at times with all my will.

After 3 long years I realized I was wasting my time.

When we struggle against something, we create an opposition. This opposition drains our energy and will because it is a negative thought. I had a revelation during meditation where I saw this battle and I perceived how my body was losing to the ravages of war. My body was tired. My intestine tract was damaged. It stopped me cold. I’ve helped others to this very understanding and yet I was not applying it to myself.

It was a profound “Healer, heal thyself moment.”

3. Expect a Miracle: I have been healing for 20 years. I have mentored people with debilitating diseases, and I have seen the miracles that happen when people identify with their spirit and change their destructive habits to healthy habits and thoughts that support life.

Change happens all the time. Spontaneous change --miracles -- happen everyday. I experienced a miracle when after 3 years (and who knows how many more before I realized it), I released candida from my body. Why did it take me 3 years? I believe there is a lesson to be learned in every situation. It took me that long to identify the fears and habits that were so deeply ingrained. In short, it took that long for me to come to know the parts of myself that were creating the situation. The new changes I implemented from all that I had learned caused the changes in my body. By meditating, committing to release any and all blocks to healing, I was able to step out of my own way so my body could heal.

I was the source of my own miracle.

When we make a commitment to our spirit, our energies align and work in harmony. Universal laws align to work with us, too. You can cause your own miracle. Most importantly, healing does not have to take a long time. It takes as long as it takes for us to build the understanding to cause our own miracle.

4. Gratitude: As I brought these truths to my thoughts, I felt a shift. I sat and began to think about all I had learned from candida. I gave gratitude to the candida for all the opportunities it provided me to learn about myself. I gave gratitude to them for eating the waste in my body and for bringing it to my attention. Finally, in gratitude, I committed to free myself of candida.

5. Meditation as a tool for Honesty: If you don’t meditate daily, I highly recommend it. I know of nothing that brings about change as much as getting clear and listening to my own thoughts, my higher self, sometimes even higher beings, that help free my perspective.

As I stilled my mind, thoughts and emotions from childhood came forward. My family was not particularly good at dealing with emotions. I am not blaming them; it was common knowledge that none of us were good at expressing emotions. I learned to stuff emotions or they came out in the form of repression and then outbursts of anger. I realized in meditation that thoughts and feelings were the real culprits in my dis-ease. Candida came along to feed on the waste of my thoughts, feelings and dietary choices. They could not have existed in my body without them. Simply put, I created the environment for them to thrive through my thoughts, feelings and eating habits.

I have helped many others to greater health, but I had not recognized the effect of my own cause.

6. Honesty: The diet I was raised on was not healthy: they consisted of fried meats, fried potatoes, fried everything. Vegetables were an afterthought. Carbs were inexpensive and made up the majority of our diet. 22 years ago I had made major changes in my lifestyle. No more soda, coffee or alcohol. No white sugar. No white flour. No artificial anything. I had always baked and cooked from scratch. However, I still preferred carbs to vegetables or fruits. It was a habit I still clung to from early childhood; comfort food. Candida gave me a gift that taught me more about myself. I resolved that their services were no longer necessary. I resolved to free myself of anger and emotional stuffing, so that candida would no longer have a job to perform.

7. Anger – An Incomplete Thought: Then I learned something simple and quite profound. Anger is an incomplete thought. It is an energy that can never express productively because there is a lack of thinking behind it. If you go around saying I don’t, I can’t stand, that really makes me angry, you made me do this…they are not true. No one can ever make anyone do anything they don’t want to. On the other hand, we give these words power when we think or speak them into our lives.

If I really wanted to release my anger and insecurities, then it required me to think more clearly, more honestly and truly define my thoughts.

Anger came when I was afraid of something, or I believed it was beyond my control. So the starting point was to identify the fear. I was afraid that I was not worthy of the deep spiritual relationships I longed for. I was afraid of being hurt.

Once these fears were on the table, I could start reasoning with them. Does being angry help me in any of these endeavors? No, they cause me to hold weight, feel the need to protect myself; they stimulate me to refrain from expressing honestly to others.

40 some years of my life’s insecurities and fears came forward. I laughed at myself. Laughter is a wonderful tool for changing perspective. It lightens our burdens and elevates our thoughts. From the vantage point of laughter, I could see myself in a different light.

Simple thoughts then came into my mind. I determined to love people the way I want to be loved. I committed to creating whole pictures in my mind instead of fragments of thoughts and fears. I set more goals in my life so that all my time and energy are devoted to things that truly build my self and family. When I find a fear niggling the back of my mind, I take a moment now and think about the truth. I feel free, happy and I have a momentum in life because I know how I want to be and what I want to build.

In the meantime, I changed my food pyramid. I eat vegetables and fruits first; then fewer carbs and meat. I choose brown or wild rice blends, sprouted whole wheat breads and flours. I use organic Yukon gold potatoes, which metabolize more slowly, without the sugar peaking of white potato carbs. I limit these as well.

I am still working to exercise more.

I love lots more.

I began taking oils and herbs to heal the issues I could see in my body. Here is what I found to be very helpful.

I felt inflammation in my digestive tract. I had gone off white sugar, white flour 22 years before, but I had spent the first 30 years of my life with a poor diet. I Believe I had yeast long before I knew what it was. I believe part of what I felt in my body is that I was not able to take advantage of the nutrition I ate due to the presence of candida and the damage to my small intestine and colon. These are the protocols I used for myself.

PHASE I: Eliminating the yeast

Oregano Oil: take 1 capsule of oregano oil (1 drop in 1 capsule) with one glass of water 3x per day. This is powerful in eliminating candida albicans and reducing inflammation throughout the body. I took it for three weeks.

Lemon Oil or Fresh Lemon: Drink lemon. Lemon is a powerful lymphatic cleanser and eliminates yeast as well (the yeast spreads into the lymph, so the lymph require cleansing also). I drank ½ lemon in a glass of water all day. Caution: drinking concentrated lemon over a period of time can damage tooth enamel. So I switched to 1 capsule of lemon essential oil in ½ gallon of water per day. It turned out to be less expensive than buying lemons out of season. Lemon is also fabulous for cleansing the kidneys. I did this for three months. I still drink lemon water several times a week for health maintenance.

Citrus Body Massage or Scrub: I also made an essential oil blend of 10 drops lemon essential oil, 10 drops pink grapefruit, and 10 drops bitter orange in 3 oz. of carrier (almond, olive, jojoba, apricot kernel). I rubbed it on my entire body after a shower several times a week (this recipe will last a week or more). It stimulated the cleansing of lymph in my whole body, eliminating systemic yeast. (Do not put this on before going out in the sun as these oils can make your skin sensitive to sunburn.) Another benefit of these oils is that they break down fat and cellulite. As an alternative, use the same amount of essential oils in one cup sea salt and 3 oz. olive oil and scrub them on cellulite with a brush before taking a shower. Leave them on for a few minutes to soak into your body; then rinse off in the shower. It will help cleanse candida and stimulate lymph movement and cleansing; and over time reduce cellulite.

Galbanum & Holy Basil: I took 1 capsule of Galbanum and Holy Basil each day, along with 8 oz. of water. Galbanum is very supportive of the liver and reduces inflammation in the entire body. Holy Basil supports the entire immune system and all the organs of the body. I took this for three months.

PHASE II: Healing the Digestive Tract

The oregano, lemon and the citrus blend eliminate candida and remove the waste and inflammation that they cause. The next step is to rebuild a healthy digestive tract. I overlapped this section with Phase I so that I was rebuilding a new system while I was eliminating the candida.

Kefir: I had been taking yogurt twice daily for almost 3 years and it helped some, but it did not displace the candida albicans. I had also bought pre-made kefir drinks from the grocery store, but they did not seem to help much either. Then a dear friend introduced me to making my own kefir using heirloom grains. I bought a kit and found a source of unpasteurized goat’s milk (unpasteurized cow’s milk works well, too – read the kit instructions carefully). Another benefit is that this saves money. Once you buy a kefir kit, it is easy to spend a few minutes each day making smoothies and setting yourself up for the next day. These kefir can last your lifetime, which is economical and provides great health benefits for you and your family.

My husband and I are both sensitive to dairy and we gave it up 21 years ago when our daughter was born with health issues relating to it. Even though we were dairy intolerant, we were able to drink the kefir milk because the kefir bacteria were digesting the milk for us – all while they were replenishing our digestive tracts with healthy bacteria. I tried drinking regular goat’s milk and it still upset my stomach, while my body readily accepted the Kefir milk. I chose goat’s milk because it is more alkaline than cow’s milk; either one is helpful for this circumstance.

Within days, my body felt different. I took the herbs and oils at the same time and I was replenishing my body with healthy bacteria. I could feel the difference.

My husband and I like the smoothies so much we continue to drink them each day as our lunch.

My favorite Kefir recipe

A generous handful of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries in any combination you like (I use these because they are high in anti-oxidants and low in sugar to inhibit candida).

6 oz. of homemade kefir – from Cultures for Health.


1 T Psillium seed powder (I used this to rebuild the mucous lining in my digestive tract. Now I use Protein powder as a low calorie source of protein).

*Honey is a sugar and can be irritating to some. However, it felt so good for me; soothing to my digestive tract and packed with nutrition. I have a good source of locally grown honey. The honey and berries were my main source of sugar while I was healing. You can substitute honey with stevia or agave.

Nourishing Teas: I love the taste of Holy Basil Tea. I enjoy drinking it all winter. During my healing process I also added cups of Paul D’Arco tea, which support a healthy urinary tract and eliminate candida as well. I had several weeks of feeling the candida and dead tissue leave my system. The teas helped to ensure that the waste did not make colonies or accrue dead tissue elsewhere that might start other unwanted growth.

Exercise: Walk a mile a day to stimulate circulation and healthy respiration in the body. Jump on a trampoline, which is a great aid to clearing the lymphatic system. Swimming is also a good combination for lymphatic cleansing and aerobics. Dust off an exercise video and use it for 20 minutes a day.

Cayenne and Ginger: I took 2 cayenne/ginger capsules 3 times daily. It seals perforations, ulcers and helps slough off dried waste in the lining. It’s fairly easy to know if you have a perforation or ulcer. You will feel a burning sensation. Using ginger with cayenne, cools the burn and stimulates healing and digestion.

Psyllium seed powder: I put 1 T of psyllium seed powder in my daily smoothie. It is a mucolitic and aids the rebuilding of the mucosal lining in the digestive tract. This gives the good bacteria a healthy home and supports smooth bowel movements.

Dr. Christopher’s lower bowel formula: This is good support and healing for the entire digestion. It stimulates peristalsis in the digestive tract, encourages regular bowel movements, and removes waste accumulation that candida feed on. If you are on a budget, you can make your own capsules or drink it mixed in juice (and save time and money making capsules). You can also buy pre-made capsules if time is a bigger factor than money in your life.

PHASE III Maintaining Health

I am happy to report that I am still candida free. I started eating a salad every day for a meal. Sometimes I add meat (free range, no antibiotic, no hormone). I make a practice of eating 5 vegetables every day. After three months of healing, I began to add fruits back into my diet.

For breakfast, I eat whole grain oats, egg and sprouted wheat toast, or my favorite, a loaded veggie omelet. I eat eggs that are free range or organic. We grow our own here. They are a deep, dark orange and delicious.

If you have other healing issues, your diet may vary. If the yeast is severe, the time line may be longer. This is merely a guideline and picture of my process that I hope will aid you in healing thoughts, attitudes and creating a lifestyle that brings you health.

Many blessings to you.