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Diabetes Type II

cut grapefruit Dry mouth, thirst, increased hunger, fatigue after eating, blurred vision, slow-healing sores or cuts, itching skin, yeast infections, numbness and tingling of hands and feet. These are the symptoms of what western medicine calls Type Two Diabetes.

When I have felt these symptoms in someone, what I note are issues that offer a different picture. A pancreas, that is overworked and under stress. A liver that is not accurately reading the information to direct enzymes and functions, due to its own ill-health. Digestion that is not working well, usually associated with extremes of constipation and mad dashes to the bathroom with diarrhea. The body energy is usually low, and the thyroid sometimes feels like someone set a 200 lb. weight on top of it.

More importantly, it feels as though a person has put a great deal of weight on their shoulders. They carry burdens, often times those of others and not their own. They feel very bound by the pressure of “should,” “must have,” “I have to” that are demanded by the another’s choice, or cultural acceptance. They feel a little bit powerless to make change or feel helpless in dealing with others in their life. They may want to change, but they just don’t know how and they don’t believe they have the energy to follow through.

It has been my experience that people who are ready to change find these thought-changes helpful in healing diabetic symptoms.

Sacred Selfish Service: It is very important that we provide service in our lives. However, the common idea and misunderstanding, is that we should deny ourselves to serve others. If we are to deny our selfishness to serve others, then I am in complete agreement. However, so many people interpret service to others as denying themselves of the essentials of good health. The truth of Sacred Selfish Service is that by prayer, meditation, healthy diet, exercise, and making time for a whole life for ourselves, we have something other than our exhaustion to give others. We are happy, lively, feel good about ourselves; and our energy has a vitality and our attitude is pure service. We have more to give.

There is a great desire in man to fit in with others. Some of this comes from the compulsion in animals to stay part of the herd to survive. There is a spiritual desire in man to want to change and grow with family, friends and community. We will often do things that are not of our own free choice to please other people. If we make these choices out of fear, we are acting like a herd of animals. When we make this choice from our spirit, we are empowering ourselves to be individuals within a group.

When we are afraid of being separated by the herd, we are taking away our own power and right to choose what is our greatest good. If you are doing something for someone else, do it because it is your choice to do it. If it feels wrong to do it, don’t. It does not mean you judge them, it means that your spirit does not incline you in that direction. When you listen to your own authority first, you will provide service and aid to those that are beneficial to you and avoid making choices that are not in your own best interests. This is the highest form of Sacred Selfish Service. Imagine what our world will be like when we all make these choices for ourselves.

We all want love. We want to live useful lives. However, when we have people in our life who constantly create crises; when people make demands on our time and resources that they are not willing to do or give to themselves; then something is wrong…..with their life, not yours. I am not suggesting that you don’t help a family member in true service. If they are an addict, giving them money or constantly worrying on their behalf and bailing them out is enabling -- not helpful. It drains you, leaves you feeling powerless to help them or change them. That is because it is not yours to change. We all have free will. We all have the right and responsibility to change. It is our job to protect ourselves from negativity and bad behaviors. That does not mean we hate the person who is doing it, but sometimes we must step back to protect ourselves and children from those who are being destructive. That is the power of choice that each one of us can make.

I have found that making good choices for myself always creates opportunities for others to make choices for their own greatest good as well. If you are enabling, it makes it very difficult for others to choose their way to a better life. Bad habits and behaviors will stay until there is a necessity to change. Don’t take that freedom from them.

In other instances, I have found that the powerlessness we are talking about comes from mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse. It can be very scary to deal with this because just thinking about it makes one feel so powerless. However, people that are willing to brave themselves, often find that what others have done to them causes all kinds of havoc in your body that you don’t begin to recognize until you face it. Remember, bravery is not being fearless; it is the willingness to face the fear.

I can’t stress enough how much it helps to have someone to work with you through this. Don’t hold the secret in. Do talk to someone. Tell your best friend, but don’t stop there. Tell your parents if that applies. Call a hotline and get professional resources for help if you can’t afford them.

Finally, we all have a great desire to be loved. When we are afraid, we can become “needy” with love. We need it. We seek it from our parents, friends, partners, spouse, and children. However, the truth is that the only person we ever “need” love from is ourselves. Learn to love yourself. Learn to be your own best friend. Meditate, pray and listen to your inner spirit. This is the best way that I know to eliminate the lack of love in our lives. When we love ourselves, we radiate a light that is very attractive to others. It has a magnetic drawing power. Every person is capable and has access to this power. It is simply making a commitment to yourself that you will receive the love that comes from your spirit. It will change your life and you will know true power.

Healing Symptoms of Diabetes Type II

Dr. Christopher’s Liver Formula

Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula

Dr. Christopher’s Pancreas Formula

Dr. Christopher’s Blood Circulation Formula

Dr. Christopher’s Kidney Formula

Essential Oils:

Body Rub – 10 drops each of lemon, pink grapefruit, bitter orange in 3 oz. of almond, apricot kernel, olive or jojoba oil. Apply to skin daily. It stimulates lymph drainage, energizes and invigorates the body.

Neuropathy bath – place 2 drops rose geranium, 2 drops Peppermint, 1 drop black pepper and 1 drops Rosemary officianalis in 1 cup of Epsom salts and warm water. Soak the affected area (except face) in the warm bath for 15 minutes each day.

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